I thought part 1 of what female characters do we want was good. Part 2 is even more eye-opening.

They want to see minority women on screen, in a modern life setting with their own struggles and dreams. They want stories talking about minorities who look like Han people and minorities who do not (because the experience would be vastly different). There are over 100 million minorities in China yet their life have hardly made onto the screen. If the story has included some minorities, it usually is about some minority woman who is exotic and beautiful in an ancient China setting. Needless to say, not an accurate depiction which then becomes stereotype Han people hold against minorities.

Then they discussed that they want to see badass women superheroes who can get blood and bruises on their face, and maybe for once not a supermodel. Women become villans not because they did not get their ideal relationships but just because they are evil.

I have honestly never thought about how minority women are portrait and why there only superheroes with perfect makeup and hair. That was a big eye-opening moment for me.

They then talked about how the side chick is portrait. Why cannot the wife and the side chick become friends?

How are women presented in any video segments? First, the face, then the body and legs, then back to the face. What about appreciating women’s beauty from a woman’s perspective.

I highly recommend this episode to anywhere who are even remotely interested in women characters on screen!