How do we stop being triggered? Don’t we all want to know the answer to this million-dollar question?

  1. Invite presence into your life regularly.
  2. Once more presence is available, over time your awarness that my ego was just triggered will rise faster and faster.
  3. Once realize your ego was triggered , just shine the light of awarness on the ego. Feel the energy associated with the ego rising in you. Do not try to supress it.
  4. Now you have a concious choice to make. Do I choose to act from the ego even if it does not serve me well or do I choose to act with conciousness?
  5. How do we start to invite more presence in our life? It starts with peaceful situations, in nature. For example, using visual perceptions to sense the life essence of a flower without mentally labeling it as just a flower. The same life force flows in you and the flower. If you access the life essence of the flowers first, you also get in touch with your own conciousness. Let nature teach us stillness.