Happy International Women’s Day!

This is a Chinese podcast episode talking about what female characters do all 6 female hosts want more of on screen. It surprised me that I never thought about the entertainment from the creator angle.

They talked about wanting to see more general teenage stories from middle school to high school, more real life working women who eat delivery and work over time, more elderly women who have relationships and show their real aging process, female friendships who support each other (also may include self projection and jealousy), female friendships with men (not just romantic love), women who do not have to stay pretty all the time and just are good at what they are doing.

I absolutely loved their discussions on female friendships and how it is a modern society product. Growing up I have been blessed with amazing female friends who we support each other through everything, from first period, to first boyfriend, to first job. I love when the hosts talked about what women are set out to be are more uncertain. I cannot become who I am today without my friends though all the confusion in teenage years and all the challenges in adult life.

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