Aren’t we all intrigued by THE interview aired last Sunday? I have fallen down a rabbit hole of learning more about the British Royal Family.

This episode focuses primarily on the fall out leading up to the divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Separation, re-decoration, affairs, rumors, media war. Apparently Princess Diana helped someone to write her biography and giving her first solo interview were the definitive points leading to the divorce. Her famous interview gained her a lot of support among the public. Yet the upper class did not understand why she would reveal so much of her personal life to the point that her own mom would take her call for a few days. I have watched her interview and it is hard not to feel connected with her. Here is a woman talking about her emotional pain, her mental health issues, her struggles in a self aware yet not ashamed way. One quote stood out from this podcast ‘The public sees her first as a person, yet the Royal family sees her first as her role”,

I was very surprised to find out that Princess Diana actually had a very good relationship with the media for a long time up until her affair went public. Then the media was hunting down on her and tried to get her angry photos. They even went to the cruel length of saying provocative things to her just to get an reaction photo. She was being filmed in her private gym by someone who went to her gym and sold the photos to the Tabloid. This level of intrusiveness still shocked me, especially this happened back mid 90s.

There sure is a lot of parallels can be drawn between the interviews. Is it too much to ask that people can remain some level of their humanness beyond their royal roles and duties in the 21st century?