When we introduce ourselves to others with a job title, that is conditioned self worth. Conditioned self worth leads to compare, consume and compete. Unfortunately/fortunately this conditioned self worth has been shaken up during the pandemic.

Can we use this time to better ourselves?

First, have more self compassion. Reject the ‘what I should do’, think about ‘what I can do’, ‘is it a better way to explore’.

Build better habits to combat the wfh decision fatigue.

Balanced the routine out with scheduled wandering time, doing something just for your interest or do nothing at all.

Have at least one friend to have deep conversations with regularly.

Do core emotion check-ins with your loved ones: when is the one time you felt proud/disappointed today?

Take what worked for us during this pandemic and apply it in the future.

The biggest golden nugget in the podcast is ‘productivity is about unleash out the unconditioned self’.