1. Working on mitigating your own bias, seeing people for who they are, listening to them, not coming in with ideas of how things are.
  2. Be selfless. Amplify the voices of people who are oppressed. Resist the urge to make it about you.
  3. Not leaning on people who are oppressed for your education. Your education is dependent on you. Do not expect them to automatically teach you what to do. Instead care for them emotionally and ask for permission before asking them to educate you.
  4. Stand with the oppressed and speak up even if you are not sure and think you might say the wrong thing. We all start somewhere. Resist the urge to judge other’s wokeness.
  5. Be open to unlikely allies, and be open to become unlikely allies.
  6. Move from noun, ally, to verb, what you are actually doing. Check your own privileges and see how you can apply them to benefit others even if it does not benefit you.
  7. At work, amplify the voices that are less heard. So and so just said something great and I want to make sure we all catch that instead of staying quiet or taking other people’s credit.